Juggling Club

   SLS Juggling Club  


The SLS Juggling Club is a program implemented by the Southern Lehigh Soccer Club to promote ball handling skills.  The goals have been set to have 3 levels to challenge athletes of all ages within the Club.  Each time a player reaches a goal, they will be awarded with a chevron patch that can be proudly displayed on the right sleeve of their jersey, recognizing their achievement, and have their name posted on the Club’s website.



1. The player must be an active member of SLSC under the age of 18 to be inducted into the SLS Juggling Club.

2. It is preferred that the player begins the juggling effort from the ground, however it is understandable that some of the younger players may need to begin by holding the ball.

3. Once the player begins juggling, the ball may not touch the ground nor the player’s hands or arms.  The juggling must occur on at least 2 areas of the body (e.g. knee and foot).

4. A player must juggle in front of two coaches or SLS Board members, or the player may video the juggling for review and approval.  All videos may be submitted to: president@southernlehighsoccer.com.  If approved by the player's parent or legal guardian, the video may be posted to the website and/or the Club’s Facebook page.

5. The player must have fun while reaching their goal!


Levels and Awards

Champion – 100 Juggles (Blue Patch)

Elite – 50 Juggles (Orange Patch)

Advanced – 25 Juggles (White Patch)

If you have any questions, please contact president@southernlehighsoccer.com.

Player Videos